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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Samastipur Pincode / Post Office Search (SAMASTIPUR, Bihar)

Adharpur B.O 848130SamastipurBihar
Ahilwar B.O 848205SamastipurBihar
Ahmadpur B.O 848505SamastipurBihar
Akauna B.O 848209SamastipurBihar
Akhtiarpur S.O 848111SamastipurBihar
Andaur B.O 848502SamastipurBihar
Angarghat B.O 848236SamastipurBihar
Arout B.O 848210SamastipurBihar
Ashinchak B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Aura B.O 848205SamastipurBihar
B.Ailoth B.O 848101SamastipurBihar
Baghi B.O 848130SamastipurBihar
Bahadurpur B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Bairampur B.O 848209SamastipurBihar
Bakarpur B.O 848501SamastipurBihar
Balahi B.O 848117SamastipurBihar
Balha B.O 848209SamastipurBihar
Ballipur B.O 848117SamastipurBihar
Banda B.O 848209SamastipurBihar
Bandhar B.O 848117SamastipurBihar
Bangarhatta B.O 848209SamastipurBihar
Barahi B.O 848207SamastipurBihar
Barbatta B.O 848127SamastipurBihar
Bargaon B.O 848213SamastipurBihar
Barhauna B.O 848502SamastipurBihar
Barra B.O 848206SamastipurBihar
Barra B.O 848210SamastipurBihar
Basudeopur B.O 848102SamastipurBihar
Basudeva B.O 848209SamastipurBihar
Bazidpur B.O 848503SamastipurBihar
Begampur B.O 848101SamastipurBihar
Belamegh S.O 848118SamastipurBihar
Belari B.O 848132SamastipurBihar
Belsandi B.O 848207SamastipurBihar
Belsandi B.O 848302SamastipurBihar
Bh.Dhurlak B.O 848101SamastipurBihar
Bhadaiya B.O 848502SamastipurBihar
Bhagwatpur B.O 848127SamastipurBihar
Bharpura B.O 848236SamastipurBihar
Bharwari B.O 848208SamastipurBihar
Bhataura B.O 848117SamastipurBihar
Bhatwan B.O 848206SamastipurBihar
Bherokhra B.O 848130SamastipurBihar
Bhindua B.O 848213SamastipurBihar
Bhorejairam B.O 848236SamastipurBihar
Bibhutipur B.O 848211SamastipurBihar
Bihrha S.O 848216SamastipurBihar
Birnamatula B.O 848134SamastipurBihar
Bithan S.O 848207SamastipurBihar
Bochaha B.O 848503SamastipurBihar
Buzurgdwar B.O 848236SamastipurBihar
Chaita B.O 848132SamastipurBihar
Chakhabib B.O 848160SamastipurBihar
Chakhaji B.O 848115SamastipurBihar
Chakmehsi B.O 848302SamastipurBihar
Chaknawada B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Chakpahar B.O 848122SamastipurBihar
Chaksaho B.O 848504SamastipurBihar
Chakthat B.O 848210SamastipurBihar
Chandauli B.O 848115SamastipurBihar
Chandauli B.O 848132SamastipurBihar
Chandchour B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Chandpura B.O 848504SamastipurBihar
Chapar B.O 848501SamastipurBihar
Chapta B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Chhatauna B.O 848134SamastipurBihar
Chigri B.O 848213SamastipurBihar
Darshuar B.O 847301SamastipurBihar
Dasaut B.O 848209SamastipurBihar
Dashara B.O 848501SamastipurBihar
Daulatpur B.O 848210SamastipurBihar
Deokuli B.O 848209SamastipurBihar
Depura B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Desari B.O 848211SamastipurBihar
Dharnipatti B.O 848506SamastipurBihar
Dhobgama B.O 848125SamastipurBihar
Dhrubgama B.O 848302SamastipurBihar
Dighra S.O 848115SamastipurBihar
Dinmanpur B.O 848117SamastipurBihar
Dinmo B.O 848213SamastipurBihar
Gajpatti B.O 848205SamastipurBihar
Gangapur B.O 848121SamastipurBihar
Gangsara B.O 848505SamastipurBihar
Gaopur B.O 848132SamastipurBihar
Garhsisai B.O 848503SamastipurBihar
Ghataho B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Gopalpur B.O 848102SamastipurBihar
Gorgama B.O 848504SamastipurBihar
Hansa B.O 848101SamastipurBihar
Hansopur B.O 848117SamastipurBihar
Harail B.O 848501SamastipurBihar
Hardia B.O 848209SamastipurBihar
Harinagar B.O 848209SamastipurBihar
Haripur B.O 848216SamastipurBihar
Harpur Pusa B.O 848125SamastipurBihar
Hasanpur B.O 848205SamastipurBihar
Hatha B.O 848125SamastipurBihar
Hirni B.O 848213SamastipurBihar
Ilmasnagar S.O 848117SamastipurBihar
Indrawara B.O 848505SamastipurBihar
Ithar B.O 848213SamastipurBihar
Jagmohra B.O 848207SamastipurBihar
Jahingra B.O 848506SamastipurBihar
Jalalpur B.O 848506SamastipurBihar
Janakpur B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Janardanpur B.O 848302SamastipurBihar
Jaunapur B.O 848501SamastipurBihar
Jhajhra B.O 848213SamastipurBihar
Jhakhar B.O 848216SamastipurBihar
Jhakhra B.O 848127SamastipurBihar
Jitwaria B.O 848302SamastipurBihar
Jitwarpur S.O 848134SamastipurBihar
Jorpura B.O 848504SamastipurBihar
K.Baikunth B.O 847301SamastipurBihar
K.Harsand B.O 847301SamastipurBihar
Kalaunjar B.O 848125SamastipurBihar
Kamraon B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Kancha B.O 848503SamastipurBihar
Kapan B.O 848236SamastipurBihar
Karian B.O 848117SamastipurBihar
Karihara B.O 848132SamastipurBihar
Kashore B.O 848133SamastipurBihar
Keota B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Keotgama B.O 848213SamastipurBihar
Kerai B.O 848160SamastipurBihar
Khairi B.O 848117SamastipurBihar
Khajuri B.O 848301SamastipurBihar
Khalispur B.O 848505SamastipurBihar
Khanpur B.O 848117SamastipurBihar
Konaila B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Kubouliram B.O 848131SamastipurBihar
Kumaiya B.O 848505SamastipurBihar
Kursaha B.O 848501SamastipurBihar
L.B.Pura B.O 848101SamastipurBihar
L.M.Patti B.O 848132SamastipurBihar
Lagunia B.O 848504SamastipurBihar
Larua B.O 848505SamastipurBihar
Lilhaul B.O 848209SamastipurBihar
M.T.Alampur B.O 848236SamastipurBihar
Madhaipur B.O 848503SamastipurBihar
Madhopur B.O 848506SamastipurBihar
Madhopur B.O 848211SamastipurBihar
Mahathi B.O 848211SamastipurBihar
Mahen B.O 848208SamastipurBihar
Mahmmadipur B.O 848502SamastipurBihar
Mahuli B.O 848208SamastipurBihar
Malikaur B.O 848115SamastipurBihar
Malinagar B.O 848125SamastipurBihar
Manda B.O 848211SamastipurBihar
Manikpur B.O 848127SamastipurBihar
Manpura B.O 848130SamastipurBihar
Maricha B.O 848504SamastipurBihar
Marthua B.O 848207SamastipurBihar
Masina B.O 848117SamastipurBihar
Mathurapur B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Mathurapur B.O 848101SamastipurBihar
Matiur B.O 848501SamastipurBihar
Mauzi B.O 848205SamastipurBihar
Mehsari B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Mehsi B.O 848160SamastipurBihar
Mishratol B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Mohanpur B.O 848506SamastipurBihar
Mohanpur B.O 848101SamastipurBihar
Mordiwa B.O 848134SamastipurBihar
Morsand B.O 848115SamastipurBihar
Morwa S.O 848121SamastipurBihar
Morwara-i B.O 848209SamastipurBihar
Morwara-Ii B.O 848209SamastipurBihar
Motipur B.O 848210SamastipurBihar
Motipur B.O 848130SamastipurBihar
Mukhtiarpur B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Muktapur B.O 848102SamastipurBihar
Muradpur B.O 848210SamastipurBihar
Musapur B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Nakuni B.O 848206SamastipurBihar
Namapur B.O 848125SamastipurBihar
Narhan S.O 848211SamastipurBihar
Narpa B.O 848207SamastipurBihar
Nathudwar B.O 848236SamastipurBihar
Nauraga S.O 848102SamastipurBihar
Nayanagar B.O 848208SamastipurBihar
Nirpur B.O 848129SamastipurBihar
P.Ghiwahi B.O 847105SamastipurBihar
P.Pur Halai S.O 848505SamastipurBihar
Pachbhinda B.O 848505SamastipurBihar
Pachpaika B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Pagra B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Paroria B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Paroria B.O 848301SamastipurBihar
Parwana B.O 848117SamastipurBihar
Pataili B.O 848132SamastipurBihar
Patailia B.O 848211SamastipurBihar
Patory S.O 848504SamastipurBihar
Patpara B.O 848236SamastipurBihar
Patsa B.O 848206SamastipurBihar
Phulhara B.O 848209SamastipurBihar
Pokhraira B.O 848113SamastipurBihar
Punas B.O 848113SamastipurBihar
Purnahi B.O 848301SamastipurBihar
Pusa S.O 848125SamastipurBihar
Pushaho B.O 848207SamastipurBihar
Raghopur B.O 848211SamastipurBihar
Rahimabad B.O 848130SamastipurBihar
Rahmatpur B.O 848101SamastipurBihar
Rahua B.O 848210SamastipurBihar
Rahua B.O 848133SamastipurBihar
Rajajan B.O 848502SamastipurBihar
Rajpur B.O 848501SamastipurBihar
Rajwara B.O 848210SamastipurBihar
Raniparti B.O 848117SamastipurBihar
Ranitol B.O 848113SamastipurBihar
Ranna B.O 847105SamastipurBihar
Rasalpur B.O 848506SamastipurBihar
Rebra B.O 848117SamastipurBihar
Rosera S.O 848210SamastipurBihar
Rupauli B.O 848132SamastipurBihar
S.Majarahia B.O 847105SamastipurBihar
Sadipur B.O 848133SamastipurBihar
Sadipurghat B.O 848117SamastipurBihar
Sagma B.O 848132SamastipurBihar
Sahpur Undi B.O 848504SamastipurBihar
Saidpur B.O 848125SamastipurBihar
Sakarpura B.O 848205SamastipurBihar
Sakhmohan B.O 848211SamastipurBihar
Sakhwa B.O 848207SamastipurBihar
Samartha B.O 848160SamastipurBihar
Samastipur H.O 848101SamastipurBihar
Sarairanjan S.O 848127SamastipurBihar
Sarangpur B.O 848505SamastipurBihar
Sari B.O 848101SamastipurBihar
Sasan B.O 848205SamastipurBihar
Satanpur B.O 848132SamastipurBihar
Satighat B.O 848213SamastipurBihar
Satmalpur B.O 848101SamastipurBihar
Shankarpur B.O 848117SamastipurBihar
Shekhopur B.O 848101SamastipurBihar
Sheora B.O 848504SamastipurBihar
Sihma B.O 848207SamastipurBihar
Simartoka B.O 848213SamastipurBihar
Simri B.O 848503SamastipurBihar
Singhia S.O 848209SamastipurBihar
Soeral B.O 848114SamastipurBihar
Sohma B.O 848207SamastipurBihar
Soman B.O 848117SamastipurBihar
Songar B.O 848122SamastipurBihar
Sonsa B.O 848209SamastipurBihar
Sonupur B.O 848210SamastipurBihar
Sugrain B.O 848207SamastipurBihar
Surauli B.O 848211SamastipurBihar
Tara B.O 848209SamastipurBihar
Taradhamaun B.O 848504SamastipurBihar
Tetarpur B.O 848502SamastipurBihar
Tetrahi B.O 848207SamastipurBihar
Tilkeshwar B.O 848207SamastipurBihar
Udaipur B.O 848210SamastipurBihar
Ujan B.O 848207SamastipurBihar
Ujiarpur S.O 848132SamastipurBihar
Ujua B.O 848213SamastipurBihar
Usri B.O 848213SamastipurBihar
Wari B.O 848209SamastipurBihar